Sleeve Notes for “Going Down The River In A Hayloft Coffin: the evocative years of Robert Peters”

low_res_cover_cd_robert_peters Going Down The River In A Hayloft Coffin: the evocative years of Robert Peters
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Track 01 1:19 Prologue

Track 02 1:15 Mom’s Friday Hair Ritual: 1930

Track 03 0:46 Dietrich In Wisconsin, 1934

Track 04 2:57 Snapshots 1935

Track 05 1:41 Cousin Albert

Track 06 0:31 Frigates Of Illusion: Childhood

Track 07 0:45 Picking Blueberries

Track 08 1:00 Hiram Ewald

Track 09 0:30 Garter Snake With Toad

Track 10 0:43 Father, Son, Cousin Country Western Band

Track 11 1:01 Adeline

Track 12 0:40 Fine Points

Track 13 0:46 Hare Blight

Track 14 0:39 Rural Wisconsin Snapshots

Track 15 0:47 Home-Made Saw-Rig

Track 16 0:41 Wisconsin Deer-Hunting Tale: The Severed Foot

Track 17 1:05 Arctic Nights, Wild Men, Venison, Etc.

Track 18 0:57 Bivouac (Fort Jackson, SC 1944)

Track 19 1:09 So Far, Few Wolf Children Have Been Authenticated

Track 20 0:56 Nude Father With Sleeping Son

Track 21 0:34 Son

Track 22 0:38 The Pet

Track 23 0:41 Mountain Cataract

Track 24 0:49 Separation Poem & On Being Awakened Too Early

Track 25 2:25 Poet And Century Both Turn Geriatric

Track 26 1:08 The Swallow Return To San Juan Capistrano

Track 27 2:06 Traipsing Through A Cemetery

Track 28 0:59 Cowboys At Reno

Track 29 2:02 For Paul On His Birthday

Track 30 0:54 While You Were Gone

Track 31 0:52 My Son Returns To Japan

Track 32 0:39 On The Night He Died They Sat Side By Side

Track 33 0:44 Possum

Track 34 0:12 Pomegranates

Track 35 0:47 Howard Warner (Huntington Beach Artist)

Track 36 0:41 Meditation On Skin

Track 37 0:53 Mentally Challenged At The Orange County Fair

Track 38 0:41 Memory Loss In A Parking Lot

Track 39 0:46 How To Cook A Flamingo Old Roman Style

Track 40 0:19 Dunwich, By The North Sea

Track 41 0:28 Old Man Observes A Mall’’s Xmas Tree

Track 42 0:43 Lakes District Lover

Track 43 0:36 Vision Of Helen

Track 44 0:36 Mary Perry

Track 45 0:29 At Al Jolson’s Tomb

Track 46 0:29 I’m Now Eighty Four

Track 47 1:04 Evocative Snippets

Track 48 0:27 Heaven’s Barbecued Passenger

Track 49 1:29 How An Old Man Commemorates The Explorer

(CD Back) These forty eight poem are strung with a twinge of Gothic & glaciated enchantments sequentially evoking how a poet thaws and carves out his destiny distancing himself from his primordial Wisconsin roots. The poems start off with winning tales of model Ts, berry picking, sexuality among North wood folks and other vivid backwood encounters. There are variances of deer hunting and fishing expeditions fleshed out. The sequence forges to the present covering eulogies to his beloveds and poignant elegies to the folks who were such integral part of the poet’s life. In the midst of these violent, visceral, celebratory, and elegant tales there’s a silver cord that keeps these images astonishingly alive with high voltage and renderable lyrics.

Personal essay written by Paul:

The Eagle Riverian hawk, Robert Peters had migrated to the Pacific Ocean. On his mighty flight he spotted this “rara avis” falling out of a nest by the sea. The hawk knew I was easy prey and took me under his wing. He knew that I wasn’t ready to wine with the ocean breezes. He taught me words to feel my space. He said,” you must see the world without eyelids. Observe the darkest dark and lightest light or your words will end up without sustenance.” For many years I perched on the same branch with him feeding off on his visions. I soared about cogitating his sagacity. I’ve now collected enough twigs to build a nest to display Robert Peters lifetime startling and dazzling images into bucolic, sequential and death defying rap.- Paul Trachtenberg


I owe kismet many thanks over for having me meet Poet and Recording Artist Michael C Ford through out many vicissitudinous years of us both struggling to find our voices. I admired Michael’s path of taking his spoken words to music. I was grateful how out of nowhere, he called and said he would like to bring a studio producer Harlan Steinberger to my home to record some spoken words of my lifetime companion Robert Peters. Robert’s voice was to be added to a Hen House Studio’s CD amongst other poets. I was so impress with the whole professional process. I always wanted a nice CD of solely of Robert’s poems. Well this nice notion became a grandiose reality.

This CD Going Down the River in a Hayloft coffin: the evocative years of Robert Peters has come to be created by the most explosive team efforts one can ask for. I owe many kudos to this team. Kudos to Michael for his poetic direction and insight of keeping this project on the mark. He was there in the studio keeping Robert on track as Robert would read his spoken words. Kudos to Harlan Steinberger the composer and studio producer for overseeing every step of the way. Believe me the steps were too many to count. Actually, I got tired of asking myself, “how does he do it?” Kudos to William Longhauser the graphic artist for his quick and earnest visual ingenuity. Kudos to the poet himself Robert Peters who was the vortex of this project. Both my folks and Robert folks imparted something in our DNA to go for the whole enchilada and CD does just that.

Credit Listing:

Poems and readings by Robert Peters

Music and instruments by Harlan Steinberger

Executive Producer – Paul Trachtenberg

Producer – Harlan Steinberger

Associate Producer – Michael C Ford of Brain Picnic Productions

Recorded at Hen House Studios, Venice, California

Engineered by Harlan Steinberger

Mastering – Mitch Zelezny at Mitch’s Mix’n Master

Design – William Longhauser

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