Poetry Books

The Little Square Review, Santa Barbara, 1967
Songs for a Son, W. W. Norton, 1967
petersThe Sow’s Head and Other Poems, Wayne State University Press, 1968
Eighteen Poems, Poet’s Skin Press, 1972
Connections: In the English Lake District, Anvil Press Chapbook Series, London 1972
Red Midnight Moon, Empty Elevator Shaft Chapbook Series, 1973
Byron Exhumed, The Windless Orchard, 1973
Holy Cow: Parable Poems, Red Hill Press, San Francisco, 1974
Cool Zebras of Light, Christopher’s Books, Santa Barbara, California, 1975
petersBronchial Tangle, Heart System, Granite Books, 1975
petersThe Gift to Be Simple: A Garland for Ann Lee, Liveright/ W.W. Norton, 1975
The Poet as Ice Skater, Manroot Books, 1976
Gauguin’s Chair: Selected Poems 1967-1974, Crossing Press, 1977
Hawthorne, Red Hill Press, San Francisco, 1977
The Drowned Man to the Fish, New Rivers Press 1978
Ikagnak: The North Wind, Kenmore Press, 1978
Celebrities: In Memory of Margaret Dumont, Sombre Reptiles, 1981
petersThe Picnic in the Snow: Ludwig of Bavaria, New Rivers Press, 1982
What John Dillinger Meant to Me, Sea Horse Press, 1983
Love Poems For Robert Mitchum, Chiron Review Press, 1983
petersHawker, Unicorn Press, 1984
Kane, Unicorn Press, 1985
Shaker Light, Unicorn Press, 1986
Ludwig of Bavaria: Poems and a Play, Revised edition, Cherry Valley Edition, 1986
petersThe Blood Countess: Poems and a Play, Cherry Valley Edition, 1987
Haydon, Unicorn Press, 1988
Breughel’s Pig, Illuminati Press, Los Angeles, 1990
Robert Peters: Poems: Selected & New, 1967-1991, Asylum Arts, 1992
good_night_paul_editGood Night, Paul, GLB Publishers, 1992
snapshots_for_a_serial_killer_editSnapshots For a Serial Killer, GLB Publishers, 1992
makars_dozen_edit1 Twin Peaks: American Poetry at the Millennium Series vol 6, The Redneck Press 1995, chapbook
Familial Love and Other Misfortunes, Red Hen Press, Los Angeles, 2002
makars_dozen_edit1Makars’ Dozens, Pearl Edition, Long Beach, California, 2006
low_res_cover_cd_robert_petersGoing Down The River In A Hayloft Coffin: the evocative years of Robert Peters, Hen House Studios, 2009 (Book/CD/Mp3). These forty eight poem, set to music compositions by Harlan Steinbeger, are strung with a twinge of Gothic & glaciated enchantments sequentially evoking how a poet thaws and carves out his destiny distancing himself from his primordial Wisconsin roots. The poems start off with winning tales of model Ts, berry picking, sexuality among North wood folks and other vivid backwood encounters. There are variances of deer hunting and fishing expeditions fleshed out. The sequence forges to the present covering eulogies to his beloveds and poignant elegies to the folks who were such integral part of the poet’s life. In the midst of these violent, visceral, celebratory, and elegant tales there’s a silver cord that keeps these images astonishingly alive with high voltage and renderable lyrics.

Listen to one of the tracks form the CD – images-2.jpg Cousin Albert
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