Paul Trachtenberg

paul_trachtenbergI was assembled in this place by the shore Lawndale, suburb of Los Angeles by a reformed New York Jew (my dad) and my mom a Mormon Utah Dane. My first salty breath. My words then romped through big opens spaces. The sea and salt of this land dissolved the locusts and pogroms.

My laconic wit, be it dim or sharp, derives from my love for Walt Disney’s film and cartoon art and from my affection for popular cultural icons fostered by Hollywood, television, and the 1960’s. My stints working at Disneyland as Paul the Pickle Man and as Paul the Candy Man continue to inspire me, though over two decades of publishing poetry my themes have matured, even darkened. I’ve written poetry books including Short Changes for Loretta (1982), Making Waves (1986), Mercury Tea (1988), a short novel Ben’s Exit (1992) and Selected Poems (forthcoming). I’ve also compiled a dictionary, Alphabet Soup: A Laconic Lexicon for Word Lovers (1997), and working on a revised and expanded edition–the project is daunting and I don’t know when it will come out. I wear too many Mad Hatter Hats.

I continue to live in Southern California with my spouse of over thirty five years poet Robert Peter who was the founder of The Tallulah Blankheads Scrabble group now in its twelfth year. The group now incarnates everywhere.

For the moment my competitive edge for Scrabble has waned because I have to take care of a aging spouse. Bob and I still very much involved with our literary world.