Corn colored hair, a bloody red cape,
gold slipper and a white snow cow
are the magical ingredients for curing
a barren woman and breaking a curse.
Only a witch embodied by Meryl Streep
can conjure up this captivating concoction,.

The infusion of Riding Hood, Jack and
the Beanstalk, Rapunzel, & Cinderella
weaves a tapestry of wicked imagination.
Now add Sondheim’s songs sung by
all the characters including the Big Bad
Wolf playing by Johnny Depp and what
do you get? Exhilarating tunes to boot.

The sets and the cinematography springs
up Grimm’s Fairy tales to pure alchemy
for every moviegoers’ inside child’s
desired spellbounding enchantment.
Director Rob Marshall does an Oscar job.
still alice

Chiseled, chiseled, chiseled away
who she was, what she thought
where she is and how much she
knows how she is fading away.

When she got the notice from
her doctor that the onslaught was
going to chisel, chisel, chisel, she
gathered her family on the sofa.

The three grown children and husband
tempestuous coming to grip subsided
and all slowly galvanise around her
filling her empty spaces with patches
of their wit’s end and did earnestly well.

Her type of dementia, an early onset
and familial, meaning genetically prone.
One child positive, one negative, one
did not want to know. The mom left
them rapidly into unknown, all closer
to their dad with bygones be bygones.

(Impossible Plight of Chris Kyle)

This flick snickers and wrangles
with stirring and myriads of grey.
I tried to detach but ripped asunder
by the director peeling the moral fiber
of this stalwart shooter caught betwixt
allegiance and being an assigned killer.

Many American boys were led to be Peter
fencing against Capt Hook and his pal Smee,
winning Wendy’s heart of roses, Tinker Bell’s
embodied light keeping a lost boy on board.
But the latter day Sniper now eclipses Audie
Murphy swaggering & relative heroic measures.

Bradley Cooper’s Chris Kyle fine tuning won
my heavy heart and my befuddled mind of his
horrific patriotic dilemma which I’m sorting out.
with stirring and myriads of grey. After WW II
there would be no more American War then
comes Korea, Vietnam, Bosnia on & on & on.
This Sniper caught in the mixed of war and peace.

(The Name of the Stable)

Comedian & actor Steve Carell puts
on prosthetic nose and voila becomes
a brooding poor little rich kid John du Pont
just wanting the some former gold medalists
wrestlers for playmates to have something to do.
Actors Channing Tatum & Mark Ruffalo play
as The Shultz Wrestling Bros who become his toys.

The Ring around the Rosies Menage a trois
tour de force relationship among the three
propose a question who falls down the hardest?
Ah Ha! You know damn well I will not give out
spoilers, it will take the whole film’s climax away.
The actors embody true characters with twisted facts–
poetic licenses to wonders for auteur filmmakers.

The du Pont family manor that sits on 200 verdant
acres replete with stables for thoroughbreds galore
is replicated exquisitely by assigned set-producers.
The music score keeps the creeping brood crescendoing.
All said, when a poor rich kid left with his own devices,
some mommy issues (mom played by Vanessa Redgrave),
then easily her horse stables can be transformed into
stables for wrestlers for him to replace his choo choo train.


I have theories about everything
but no seemingly infinite drawn out
numerical formulas on the chalkboard,
I do count my lucky stars of not having
a dreadful disease in order to be smarter.

Young Brit actor Eddie Redmayne made
Stephen Hawking have great sex appeal
down from every twist and turn of muscular
degeneration to having the best technical
devices annunciating his Cosmo depth.

Young Brit actress Felicity Jones made
his wife Jane has too great sex appeal
down from changing his bed pans, kissing
his lips rewardingly but to have to fallen for
sexy choirmaster who took her chores away.

Then on top of this magnetic triangle comes
a very sumptuous nurse lifting Stephen back
to the podium for him to espouse palatable cosmic
equations transmuting moviegoers and schmoes
into delusional geniuses for hearing every word.

I once told a memoirist she uses the word ambiance
too many times instead of depicting the specifics why.
Well this flick’s cinematography and musical score
evokes so much ambiances with place and time
that I don’t want to give away the splendorous specifics.




Well you have a dapper of an interrogator

who spritzes it on him daily to smell right

to get a journalist to say he’s Western spy.

Comedian Jon Stewart masks brutality

making it aromatically palatable to view.

There’s more to it and I’m not naming names.


I do broad strokes to peel down the essence.

“Swing to the left, swing to right sit down sit down

fight fight”–kick his ribs ‘til bloody bloody blue.

Okay! Okay!  I’m a SPY, alright I’m a SPY

This famous journalist’ runaway seller.

allegorically captures his Iranian tormenter.


The essence is being doused with rosewater

doesn’t suppress the conquest averring gallantly

to galvanize intelligent might to wipeout wicked

persecution no matter what part of the globe it dwells

Take down bars of brutality, letting freedom dance

with the stars be it the waltz, jive, rumba, or tangle.