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Monday, September 8th, 2014



I’m not a cave dweller
reading hieroglyphs deciphering
how to stuff woes back into
Pandora’s Box but I do share
a galvanizing vision so insanely
“armed to the teeth” to here I speak.

I cannot shake this Mormon fiber of
my being of gathering fellow travelers,
arrogantly anointing them to leap away
from the woes that vexes so many of us.
I cauterize this impasse to remind the public
of their free flowing Will packed with wisdom
to separate ‘”Tare from wheat” to their accord.

The “Ring a Ring o’ Roses” in this nano
second space capsule is a possible panacea
to stretch out where all knowing selves
rightly excel in no falling down friendship–
no bosses, no pains, no subjugation–
pervasive tenderness squelches forebodings,
So today will heal past woes and tomorrow’s too.


Thursday, September 4th, 2014

looking glass

The Looking Glass


This is it, I flipped out


into wonderland, regaining


my thick tousled hair, not


a care of Putin, Ferguson City,


Mogadishu or Syria & Iraq.


Ordinary, I was attempting


to take Frost’s untrodden way


allowing me that afflatus-Leap


but fell into the mirror like Alice,


I shrank with a fervent prayer


into a peculiar realm-smoking


in the fume from the hookah


inhaled by Big Tomato worm.


The Clockwork Rabbit whisked


me to the tea table with amenities.


No one can call me to bring me back.


The Mercury Tea so sweet like Nectar,


having no clue madness so beguiling.