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Memory Lost

Sunday, January 26th, 2014

Red Amaryllis
(Bob wrote this poem cognitive enough to know
he was losing his memory)

To seduce dim-sighted consumers,

cherries piled on a sale table–

are half rotten.

If Paul doesn’t honk, I’ll be

lost in this parking lot.

Camrys like ours

all carry spiral-bound maps

in the rear windows.

I’ll walk home.

My cane with its

leaf-crowned god

will guide me over potholes.

Near on our front door,

scarlet amaryllis blaze.

Who was Walt Whitman

Thursday, January 9th, 2014

Tribute to WhitmanHere are two reputable poets Robert Peters and the other not identified (even though I tried) CIRCA 1980’s paying tribute to America’s Founding Forefather of Modern American Poetry His Venerable Sir Walt Whitman. Many bright Americans today don’t know Walt ever existed. Well this a modicum of a reminder and a resurrection of his existence. These poets are in front of his Mausoleum. Sorry the photo could not of been clearer. Most Americans know Walt Disney (and that’s alright) but let us all forever stretch our knowledge who was our forebear of American Verse.

Facebook Under Blues

Monday, January 6th, 2014

facebook under blues

Facebook Under Blues
O’ glorious me!
I wake up ready
to share a deep deep ditty,
believing it will lift the spirits for all.

As I write this ditty,
before it’s hardly finished
it is being buried
six feet under in
this Facebook news feed.

A Call for a Honest Broker

Monday, January 6th, 2014

Honest Broker

Scorsese’s WOLF dances in voyeuristic
debauchery and a lot bare-naked intrigues.
Marty astonishes me with his crafty
control of corruptible filthy laundering.
My secret now–the 3 hrs zoomed
like a rickety coaster on Coney Island

Gee! I have portfolio and a well-scrubbed
Mormon advisor for keeping it afloat.
Am I delusional as usual? Can he be
Scorsese’s Wolf of Wall Street?
Even though this flick is full of flight of fancy,
does it have a stereotypic sinister subtext?

Well, I want with all my might that my broker
has my back and will make me a honest rich man
and with all his other clients being the same
allows my incorruptible broker to raise a happy family.
This is what I envisioned from Scorsese’s Big Bad Wolf.