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A SIRI-ious Affair

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

Spike Jonze’s HER takes Iphone Siri to another immediate Sci-fi level with intuitive poignancy. Director Spike Jonze wrote the screenplay for his movie HER and it’s a no brainer to predict his original screenplay will win the Academy Award. Actor Joaquin Phoenix’s character Theodore Twomby falls for Siri turns to Samantha voiced by Actress Scarlett Johansson. More data fed to Samantha more she downgrades to impersonal fishnet-stocking whore. How can a voice alone become the next Marilyn siri_and_me_coverMonroe replete with wit and humor to boot. Can a disembodied actress Johansson win an award for acting? There just might be a first.time. This so-called love story becomes Eugene O’Neil’s “Electra”. Every which way you go with all the interacting characters’ dialog, Jonze writes up human relationship fused with high tech to the nth inventive & innovative degree. I was mesmerized not to miss one word in this script to the point I wanted to kill Jonze with envy. I must add, there’s a choice scene where Samantha has to bring Theodore a true beautiful earthling Isabella played by actress Portia Doubleday to surrogate her bidding with mutual understanding–quid pro quo. Theodore can’t handle this and it was sad to see poor Isabella dejected for be rejected. Sidebar issue for me of HER was what was the films dress designer’s design for Theodore’s Dickensian high-waisted and beltless trouser replete without back pockets? Theodore’s colleagues wear also the same similar garbs. It was a bit Twilight Zonish to even see the films’ extras wearing these types of pants. A fashion statement unbeknownst to me. Oh yea! A non sequitur is to say Raj from The Big Theory has an episode where he has affair with the internet’s Siri because he just can’t get woman in the flesh–uproariously & hilariously performed..


Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

NEBRASKA Poor Woody has the proverbial “Don Quixote Syndrome” and his diehard loyal son David has the “Sancho Panza Syndrome. Woody a lifetime hardworking alkie replete with all the classic attributes such as of a wannabe, philanderer, a pittance of being a dad with longing virago of a wife Kate who just wanted to be desireable.. Now he’s old and what remains is his demented passion to collect his milliion bucks from a so-called publishing house come-on. This father & son road film is packed with hilarious & spicy midwest kinfolk’s dialog & situations meeting at old rustic farms, dusty taverns. How can bleakness blend so well with spiked levity of humor? This film fits this chemistry to “the nines”. Casting local non-actors villagers was ingenious, providing authenticity . I’m too lazy as a facebook reviewer to list the perfect cast of the real actors but trust me-spot on. One last laconic observation is the black & white cinematography is exquisitely colorful and so befitting for whole rustic cabal. Nebraska


Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

1052950-Royalty-Free-Vector-Clip-Art-Illustration-Of-A-Cartoon-Man-Chasing-Elusive-Love_originalFOR THE LOVE OF IT ALL

There’s no opposition in realm of unconditional love.
You can’t package it because it is omnipresent.
You can’t teach it because it is omniscient.
You can’t conquer it because it is omnipotent.
How does it feel to receive it? You’ll know it by its potency.
The poet in all of us would only taint it with words
but I’ll give it a try. It is everlasting and disembodied orgasm
countless times over or perhaps whatever may be
your own most cherished possession will never be
taken away from you ever again therefore you have a
life without fear or suffering. I tried to give it my best shot
knowing and feeling my words describing this love
is just a recycled balderdash. Oy!


Friday, December 20th, 2013

open up your doors
They say, “ You can’t take your earthly treasures” to heavens’ gates.Well, I say, “Take up the gauntlet and melt all your guns into refrigerators
and stoves for feeding the poor whether they are naughty or nice
while we still have a chance on earth. Remember “The meek shall
inherit the earth” and let bygones be bygones by golly. “T’is the season
to be jolly” and happy good fellow I am until the war mongering grinches
and satin-laced witches will try to take all my delusional wishes away.


Monday, December 9th, 2013


    He had turned turned turned pain
    into manna for everyone. His name
    was a mantra to exorcise
    the devil’s claw into dust

    His name was a mandala
    for focusing a golden-hued notion
    of turning turning turning a nation
    colorless in the best sense of the word.

    His heroism was his Herculean
    stamina and taking on
    the role of Sisyphus without
    a trace of bitterness.