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My Acceptance Speech

Friday, June 7th, 2013

Good Morning David,

I did get your warm-hearted phone call the other day. I’m always touched by your loyalty.

It is just a fact of reality that Bob is withdrawing more from this world and I’m becoming more so his eye-seeing dog. He still maintains his sweet sweet bubbly disposition. We keep a regular schedule going for him to keep his identity intact. I’ve had a long long rehearsal preparing for the eventuality of his demise. But who really knows, he may outlive me. If this should be, I would dread on the other side of the curtain who would take good care of him and make him safe and loved. He’s utterly an incredible surviver in so many ways but in some ways he’s not. Crossword puzzles have become his Proust or Dickens. He at times glances at the TV. He has his magical phrase, “Let’s go O and A–meaning out and about. He loves being in the car. It gives him a sense of being on the move. This once Victorian scholar loves our casino junkets even though he’s doesn’t gamble. He loves sipping coffee at the buffett where he gets hankshakes from the waiters & hugs from the waitresses.
As for myself, I spend a lot of time on the internet. I’m a wiki nut, I love the process of learning something new each day be it a bio on a poet or an eye without an iris. Even though taking care of Bob can be a challenge, I guess I’ve become an open RN. I like trying to be inventive of ways of making his life stress free without being a martyr. This pretense can do damage if I choose the road to martyrdom. So, I’m keenly watchful I don’t fall into that trap.
David, I could bore you by expounding on our mundane existence but shall not. This is place for now to depart. Warmly Paul