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Psychotic Narcissism

Sunday, June 3rd, 2012

Snow White’s wicked stepmother Queen Ravenna’s matrix some say is the sixteenth century Hungarian Countess Elizabeth Bathory. Bathory, thus far in recorded history is the most alledged female serial killer. Apparently, there are plenty of written records of the trial of her atrocities. To this day her nortorious legendary status forever grows. It has been said and written that up to seven hundred women and girls were killed under her name. Bathory was never tried and convicted but walled away in a castle until her death. Part of the legend has it that Bathory needed blood of virgins to maintain her beauty & youth.
Going back to Queen Ravenna, she needed Snow white’s heart to maintain her beauty and youth and to always be the fairest of the kingdom she ruled. The latest incarnation of Queen Ravenna and perhaps the Hungarian Countess Elizabeth Bathory is actress Charlize Theron’s rendition of her in 2012 film Snow White and the Huntsman. Theron’s Ravenna is exquisitely delicious. Theron’s beauty makes Ravenna scarier. What filmdom can do with digital techniques used in today’s films, these techniques were magically executed in this particular film. The ultimate psychosis of maintaining eternal youth is well displayed in Queen Ravenna and the Hungarian Countess Elizabeth Bathory.