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Business Breakfast at Mimi’s

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009


Robert and I met our producer & the composer of the  musical score Harlan Steinberger and our associate producer Michael C. Ford of RP’s latest CD Going Down The River In A Hayloft Coffin at Mimi’s Café.

This kaffeeklatsch gathering between us four is the fun part.   It is always a  pleasure to break bread amongst birds of a feather before getting back to hardcore business.   Layers of our past become thinner as we find more about each other.   When friends & business associates allow themselves such encounters there are elements of risks.   Did I reveal too much?   Did I bore my fellow kaffeeklatsch gatherers with too much details of my past?   I say to these rhetorical questions is to learn balance of reciprocation so what you bring to the table will soften the blow of our hardcore endeavors.

So after the scintillating kaffeeklatsch, we went home to my place where Harlan gave us “Art for Art’s sake” lessons on  cyberspace of how to promote RP’s cd.   Harlan was lenient on us by being cognitive of how much we can take in before our brains began to fry.  Therefore the anticipated hardcore business aspects of promoting art was reduced to softcore business.     So seriousness and pleasure can definitely produce potentially great art.