Well you have a dapper of an interrogator

who spritzes it on him daily to smell right

to get a journalist to say he’s Western spy.

Comedian Jon Stewart masks brutality

making it aromatically palatable to view.

There’s more to it and I’m not naming names.


I do broad strokes to peel down the essence.

“Swing to the left, swing to right sit down sit down

fight fight”–kick his ribs ‘til bloody bloody blue.

Okay! Okay!  I’m a SPY, alright I’m a SPY

This famous journalist’ runaway seller.

allegorically captures his Iranian tormenter.


The essence is being doused with rosewater

doesn’t suppress the conquest averring gallantly

to galvanize intelligent might to wipeout wicked

persecution no matter what part of the globe it dwells

Take down bars of brutality, letting freedom dance

with the stars be it the waltz, jive, rumba, or tangle.

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