Bring in the Clowns


One the most famous arias ever is Vesti La Giubba (Put on the Costume)

English translation is befitting of Robin Williams soul.   We have still have

a long winding road to get to a profound  understanding of Bipolarism and what to

do about it.


“Go on stage, while I’m nearly delirious?

I dont know what Im saying or what I’m doing!

And yet, chin up! Ill try harder. Bah, you think youre a man?

You are just a clown! on with the show, man,

And put on your white-face.

The people pay you and you must make them laugh.

And if harlequin should steal your columbine, laugh,

Youre pagliaccio, and the world will clap for you!

Turn into banter all your pain and sorrow,

And with your clowns face hide grief and distress…”

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