A Call for a Honest Broker

Honest Broker

Scorsese’s WOLF dances in voyeuristic
debauchery and a lot bare-naked intrigues.
Marty astonishes me with his crafty
control of corruptible filthy laundering.
My secret now–the 3 hrs zoomed
like a rickety coaster on Coney Island

Gee! I have portfolio and a well-scrubbed
Mormon advisor for keeping it afloat.
Am I delusional as usual? Can he be
Scorsese’s Wolf of Wall Street?
Even though this flick is full of flight of fancy,
does it have a stereotypic sinister subtext?

Well, I want with all my might that my broker
has my back and will make me a honest rich man
and with all his other clients being the same
allows my incorruptible broker to raise a happy family.
This is what I envisioned from Scorsese’s Big Bad Wolf.

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