A SIRI-ious Affair

Spike Jonze’s HER takes Iphone Siri to another immediate Sci-fi level with intuitive poignancy. Director Spike Jonze wrote the screenplay for his movie HER and it’s a no brainer to predict his original screenplay will win the Academy Award. Actor Joaquin Phoenix’s character Theodore Twomby falls for Siri turns to Samantha voiced by Actress Scarlett Johansson. More data fed to Samantha more she downgrades to impersonal fishnet-stocking whore. How can a voice alone become the next Marilyn siri_and_me_coverMonroe replete with wit and humor to boot. Can a disembodied actress Johansson win an award for acting? There just might be a first.time. This so-called love story becomes Eugene O’Neil’s “Electra”. Every which way you go with all the interacting characters’ dialog, Jonze writes up human relationship fused with high tech to the nth inventive & innovative degree. I was mesmerized not to miss one word in this script to the point I wanted to kill Jonze with envy. I must add, there’s a choice scene where Samantha has to bring Theodore a true beautiful earthling Isabella played by actress Portia Doubleday to surrogate her bidding with mutual understanding–quid pro quo. Theodore can’t handle this and it was sad to see poor Isabella dejected for be rejected. Sidebar issue for me of HER was what was the films dress designer’s design for Theodore’s Dickensian high-waisted and beltless trouser replete without back pockets? Theodore’s colleagues wear also the same similar garbs. It was a bit Twilight Zonish to even see the films’ extras wearing these types of pants. A fashion statement unbeknownst to me. Oh yea! A non sequitur is to say Raj from The Big Theory has an episode where he has affair with the internet’s Siri because he just can’t get woman in the flesh–uproariously & hilariously performed..

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