NEBRASKA Poor Woody has the proverbial “Don Quixote Syndrome” and his diehard loyal son David has the “Sancho Panza Syndrome. Woody a lifetime hardworking alkie replete with all the classic attributes such as of a wannabe, philanderer, a pittance of being a dad with longing virago of a wife Kate who just wanted to be desireable.. Now he’s old and what remains is his demented passion to collect his milliion bucks from a so-called publishing house come-on. This father & son road film is packed with hilarious & spicy midwest kinfolk’s dialog & situations meeting at old rustic farms, dusty taverns. How can bleakness blend so well with spiked levity of humor? This film fits this chemistry to “the nines”. Casting local non-actors villagers was ingenious, providing authenticity . I’m too lazy as a facebook reviewer to list the perfect cast of the real actors but trust me-spot on. One last laconic observation is the black & white cinematography is exquisitely colorful and so befitting for whole rustic cabal. Nebraska

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