Peters’ overactive glutamate-transmitters

Bob’s legs & feet still remain swollen in spite of his new medication furosemide which replaced a common so-called “water pill” hydrochlorothiazide. Bob dealing with congestive heart failure mixed with his level of dementia is a challenge to say the least. I do have to prepare for the worse. We have a follow up check with our Kaiser Doctor today. I did take Bob to see his neurologist the other day. In short, my confidence is sorely lacking in the neurologist’s knowledge replete with its future ramifications of dementia. I feel so alone with this journey. Kaiser here lacks comprehensive geriatric dementia care. Neurologist are more adept dealing with visible signs of neuropathy, Parkinson’s, strokes, head injuries, MS etc. In short again, Bob’s neurologist says Bob’s current combination of memory pills is the best he can do for him. Bob has been on Aricept since 2003. Then about 2005, he then was prescribed with namenda. There’s no way to prove otherwise but I do believe these drugs indeed have had slowed down the over-activity of his glutamate neural transmitters of killing off his neurons.

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