What Dillinger Meant to Me

img_1317Poet Robert Peters came out with What Dillinger Meant to Me published by Seahorse Press in 1983.  These poems truly captured the time in the 1930s when John Dillinger was caught in a shootout with FBI agent Melvin Purvis who tracked down Dillinger in small North wood resort town in Wisconsin called Manitowish Waters at the Little Bohemia Lodge .    This place was very near Peters small home town Eagle River. Robert Peters evokes such keen flavor of these rustic areas and the rural folks who inhabited the areas with all salacious hanky-panky and other idiosyncratic attitributes amongst them.  Peters also calls up the ways of survival of picking wild berries, deer hunting, sawmills,  ice-fishing, & building one’s home with the natives trees.   Outhouses were as ubiquitous as the trees and the numerous lakes.  Sears Roebuck catalogue’s pages were used for wipes.  Peters filled in his poetic lines with such clarity and detail of  the indigenous flora and fauna of that area.    He captured the  fears & myths of the wilderness be it “Swamp man” or prowling wolves & lurking bears.   Peters’ parents had seen John Dillinger as latter day Robin Hood.   They were dirt poor like so many of these north wood Wisconsin kinfolks and they were glad to see their sense of  justice done when it came down to proper distribution of wealth during the Depression.

Anyone interested can now read this whole book  Dillinger on line for no cost.   Anyone can print it out and read it leisurely.  Peters does have limited signed author’s copies for anyone who would like purchase them by Check for twenty dollars to 9431 Krepp Drive, Huntington Beach, CA 92646.

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