The Poet has to use a catheter for a week.

Robert had to get a biopsy from his urinary bladder. This was called minor surgery. The surgery went well but Robert had to go home with a catheter. Yes! It took him awhile to get used to it. To pee at anytime without going to the toilet was too liberating for Robert to assume. He was given two pairs of pee bags. One pair was one that would be suitable at night because it could carry more pee. The other pair were more portable. One can latch the bag on one’s thigh and meet your public. The problem with this portable bag is because it’s smaller, that one will have to subtly slide away into a public stall and furtively empty the bag. Robert and I have not gone out in public to give this a a twist in the wind. Perhaps we will before the end of the week before he goes back to Kaiser and gets the catheter removed. Now why did Kaiser give Robert two sets of bags? Courtesy my friends-courtesy. It never hurts to have a backup bag in case something botchy happens.

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